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Gaming tips:

Petridish.pw (sometimes agar.io)

Tip#1 (for virtually all modes)
Cells have a maximum limit of 22500, any mass beyond this is void (wasted/erased, gone and never seen again),
so if you want a a player to have more than 22500 mass, they have to split

Shooting mass at viruses in any mode except oneshot and "special" types wastes more mass than what you get from eating the virus.
Only feed a virus if you're trying to shoot it somewhere (be it a location or a player)

You can eat a virus if you are larger than it.
If you are split to the maximum number of cells, you won't split further upon eating more viruses


Crazysplit Splits: VirusSplit
If you press [S]+[spacebar] next to a virus, you will split through the virus, eating it and other viruses.
The way it works is petriwill pend the two splits starting with space, then your second split will jump in front and crash into the virus, splitting you to the max.
Your original split (spacebar) will then jump forward eating the viruses because you're already split to the maxmimum number of cells
This only lasts for a moment in megasplit and you have to be big enough for your second cell to split to the max if you don't want your first cell to also split.

All Splits: Popsplit
in order to popsplit, you don't necessarily have to be larger than the other player but you have to be big enough after they split, to eat their smaller pieces.
It's riskier but still works in megasplit but you have to be faster at eating them because if you miss the inital split>eat, they will merge fast.

Crazysplit>Megasplit: FastSplit
Press [S]*1 then [spacebar]*repeatedly to split fast
[S] is the fastest split but it only works for the active cell.
To see which cell crazysplits will affect, press [E] to acftivate compass; a red line will come from the active cell.

Crazysplit>Megasplit: FastMerge
It's hard to explain but when you're splitting in a direction, if you pull backwards, you can merge together faster.
Without merging, you can split up to 6 times, so if you split five times forward then split backwards (to the center or backend of your cells),
your cells will start merging and because they're now so close, they merge even faster.